AV Week 2012 in Salt Lake City

For many years now, I’ve made the personal decision to get involved in AV Week, sponsored by InfoComm International. Every October, the audiovisual community unites to celebrate, promote and share the AV industry with the world.It’s not intended to promote a company or a product; rather it’s an awareness campaign for our industry. This year, AV Week was October 15-19. 

It takes time, effort and planning to have a successful AV Week, but I can tell you, I always get way more out of it than I put into it.

At Listen Technologies, we usually kick off the awareness campaign by inviting local government leaders to get involved and sign proclamations declaring that week in October as AV Week in Utah. (That’s me, third from the left, with Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon). We engage our leaders from the state, county and city level. This is always a great experience to meet and talk about our industry with our local politicians. Every time I’ve done this, I find them to be engaged, supportive and appreciative of what our local InfoComm members are doing. They appreciate the jobs we bring to our community and they love hearing about the different technologies. This experience alone is one that I cherish as I find it to be a great opportunity to talk about solutions and the experience that our AV industry brings.

I’m proud to report that AV Week this year coincided with another awareness campaign, HLAA’s Walk4Hearing. The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) is focused on building awareness of hearing loss and hearing loss prevention, as well as providing valuable resources to those affected by hearing loss.  At Listen, we are extremely passionate about this, as the AV industry is notorious for contributing to noise-induced hearing loss. Our company formed a team of employees and family members to get involved in the Walk4Hearing. This year, the local Salt Lake community raised over $18,000.

To continue outreach, we arranged and promoted a tour of the LDS Conference Center (right), which is located in downtown Salt Lake City and is the largest live-audio installation in the United States. With this tour we extended the invitation to our employees’ families, our vendors and our friends. It gave each of them a better understanding of what it is we do every day. This year, even our bankers attended the technology tour and reported back to our CFO how enjoyable it was.

The Conference Center is a 1.4 million-square-foot facility that seats 21,000 people and has a massive amount of AV equipment.  The LDS is an end user unlike any other, from their fifteen HD Sony cameras that they use over the holiday season, to doing interpretation into 97 languages for their members. What was amazing to me was that their language interpretation is done by church volunteers. For any of you who’ve worked with volunteers, you know this is a major accomplishment! 

The AV teams at the Conference Center that lead our tours were passionate about AV and their facility, and they brought a lot of humor to the group.  They were knowledgeable and receptive to questions from all.  It was a great venue to conduct a technology tour for the AV industry.

It’s interesting that many of my own employees work on our products and know them well, however they’ve never seen them integrated into an installation or in use with other AV equipment. The tour helped them appreciate it. This was further proof to me that AV Week is an essential part of what we do.

Cory Schaeffer

About Cory Schaeffer

Cory is Director of Systems Solutions for QSC. She serves on the Board of Listen Technologies, which she co-founded in 1998. She previously served on the Board of Directors for InfoComm International. Cory is passionate about the industry and developing and nurturing relationships to connect people to positive experiences. She lives in Santa Barbara, California.

2 Responses to “AV Week 2012 in Salt Lake City”

  1. I really enjoyed my first AV Week, thanks Cory for your passion! I especially enjoyed the conference center tour. It was neat to see how they manage such a big production.

  2. Way to go Cory and Listen. You really understand the purpose and value of AV Week. You get out there and make us all proud. And while you’re not selling your products, the goodwill, relationships and awareness is invaluable and probably contributes to the bottom line eventually!