Coming Together

Hurricane Sandy had a devastating effect on millions of people along the east coast of the United States — many of whom are now dealing with loss of home or lack of infrastructure, and in some cases injuries or loss of life. For some in the AV industry, it will be a long road back.

InfoComm has received many inquiries from our members about the impact of the storm on our facilities and staff, and I am glad to say that the impact of the storm on our operations and people has been minimal. But we are acutely aware that we are among the lucky ones. Our thoughts and prayers are with all our members, their families, and everyone else impacted by Sandy in New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, and elsewhere.

As we watch the news and get word from friends and colleagues, we better understand the breadth of the destruction. We’re relieved when we hear from people who are doing fine, sad when we hear of those facing hardship and loss. We want to help. We want to share news and information from members throughout the AV industry about how they’re doing, what they need, and how InfoComm and their colleagues can pitch in.

InfoComm is in the process of formulating its response to the devastation Sandy has visited on our members and their communities. For starters, we’d like to open this forum to companies and AV professionals who want to reach out to one another, offer encouragement, deliver status reports and rebuild connections. Use the comments section below, either to communicate with us here at InfoComm or with the industry as a whole. We will be monitoring this space and urge you to check back for updates.

Hopefully your company was not impacted by Sandy, but if you were we have the following 5 quick tips from Jeff Darling of Cooley & Darling Insurance Agency to follow to get your business back up and running and maximize your recoverable loss from insurance:

  1. People first! Use a company phone tree to account for employees, particularly those that might have been at events, shows or customer sites that were in the path of the storm.  Reach out to all employees letting them know the status of your operations if your premises have been damaged, but also to make sure they’re ok.  How are your employees?  Do they need assistance?  Is there anything you can do to help them?  What do they need to know about the company and your plans moving forward?
  2. If you’ve sustained property damage, do everything you can to prevent further damage to other covered property.  Remember, additional expenses you incur to preserve property should be covered by your policy and if you don’t do what you can to prevent further damage your carrier likely won’t pay you for anything other than what was originally destroyed.
  3. Contact your insurance broker or carrier as soon as possible to report damages and enlist the help and services they might provide to help you begin your recovery.
  4. Take pictures and keep a detailed account of all property damaged or destroyed as well as revenue lost during your cessation of operations and any extra expenses you incur as a result of the damage to your property or premises.  Remember, don’t take any unnecessary risks.  If your premises are still a dangerous place to be, don’t be there!
  5. Contact your customers, particularly those to whom you’re providing ongoing services.  Let them know how you’re doing and whether or not they can expect any interruptions.

For more information on these tips or for additional risk management and disaster recovery resources, please contact Cooley & Darling Insurance.

The AV industry has come together during many disasters. And we will be there for each other again after Sandy. To those affected by the storm, we’re thinking of you. Let us know how we can help. To everyone else, hug a loved one, then reach out to industry friends, partners and competitors.

Take care,


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