Lessons Learned from a Videowall Install

Planar Mosaic_Wesley Chapel Hospital_450x300Sound Stage Inc., a nationally recognized systems integration company, recently implemented a stunning architectural videowall installation at the Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel in Wesley Chapel, Fla.  Beyond the technical side of the installation, this chapel installation illustrates three key takeaways that you can apply to your next project.

Takeway #1: Displays Can Be Sculpture

Consider the Z axis (not just the X and Y) when creating your next video installation. As displays get lighter and thinner, and as video processing technology evolves to enable collage-style display arrays, the world of digital signage is no longer flat.  Displays can be layered and positioned to provide a sculptural effect.  The displays around the edges of this design protrude and provide a more interesting off-axis view.

Takeaway #2: Video Isn’t Just For The Lobby

Look beyond the lobby to other places in your customer’s facility that might make use of video or audio technology.  You might find surprisingly perfect uses elsewhere in the building.

This installation is in a hospital chapel — a place where people gather for quiet contemplation. Not the most obvious place for a videowall, but as seen in this video, it is perfectly suited. The quiet, natural video clip brings a sense of calm while the changing imagery provides the visitor with an escape into peaceful and serene visuals in a place that can otherwise be chaotic or stressful.

Takeaway #3: Get Negative

Use negative space to outline displays or help communicate the message. The integrator and the design team did a wonderful job of using the negative space in this design to create a religious symbol, appropriate for the chapel environment. Using negative space is a great way to create interesting shapes and makes the whole array more interesting.

Digital signage installations provide such valuable learning and inspirational opportunities.  What are some of the key takeaways that you’ve learned from creative installations like this one?

Jennifer Davis

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Jennifer Davis is the Chief Marketing Officer for the international business of Leyard and also serves as the Vice President of Marketing and Product Strategy at Planar Systems and Runco International. She is a high energy, articulate senior executive who uses entrepreneurial skills to build high performing businesses, product lines, and go-to-market strategies. Jennifer can be found @jenniferdavis on Twitter and on LinkedIn at www.linkedin/in/jenniferbdavis.

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