Weekly Reading: Has Anyone Ever Really Tried to Drink from a Fire Hose?

Hose_450x300For whatever reason, my wife loves karaoke (karaoke lovers are screaming at their monitors, “We know the reason!”). I get the communal experience of a karaoke bar. She’ll also do it at home, with friends, or, as it turns out, in the privacy of our bedroom. For Christmas, my son gave my wife two microphones and a mixer, which she promptly began hooking up to the TV in our boudoir. Why there? Because the TV is connected to a Blu-ray player…that streams YouTube, which is apparently like drinking from a (free) karaoke fire hose. Applause for a solution that doesn’t require building a new, dead-media, karaoke disc collection.

Long story short, my kingdom for an AV integrator who could get this system hooked up for her. I was minimally helpful (I could tell her why it wouldn’t work the way she wanted with the cables that the mixer came with), but she was the one who trekked out to Radio Shack for the solution’s missing parts. It must be working now. I was able to watch both NFL playoff games on Sunday and my wife never asked me to take the dogs out. She was upstairs. Singing. Quite well, actually. I feel a night out coming.

Now for reading…

Drinking from a digital signage firehose at Retail’s BIG Show (via Digital Signage Today)

And? If you think you know digital signage but never heard of the National Retail Federation, well, you don’t really know digital signage. A quote from one retail CIO: “I used to say, ‘Don’t bring me a solution that is looking for a problem. But digital is moving so fast that it now makes sense to have some funds in reserve that can be used for testing approaches that would appear to provide value.” Er, hello? Is that opportunity knocking?

CES 2015 In The Rearview Mirror (via HDTVexpert.com)

And? This is the CES wrap-up for the AV professional. Bookmark the site even if you intend to visit only once a year in January. Brush up on high dynamic range TVs, the reemergence of OLED, Super MHL, eye tracking and control (!!), SiBEAM 60 GHz wireless, etc. Who wants an 27-inch widescreen 5K monitor for just $1,300? (Imagine me meekly raising my hand.)

Videoconferencing market remains flat (via Unified Communications Insight)

And? It’s important to know how this market is shaping up. According to research cited herein, the growth of dedicated systems is slowing. Videophones, on the other hand, are the fastest growing endpoint. How will you play in the market when the market seems to be moving from the conference room to the office? There is a role for the AV pro.

Marriott will not block guest hotspots (via ZDNet)

And? This controversy came up in an earlier Weekly Reading. Kudos to Marriott for relenting to deserved pressure. Still, keep an eye on the FCC (where have we heard that before?) as they determine WiFi regulations in venues.

Free Community College Means A Boost to AV (via AVNation)

And? Take up the torch! Reach out to a community college near you and ask how you can help either develop or promote (or teach) an associate degree program in AV. This is a huge workforce development opportunity for our growing industry. Thanks, Tim and Mr. President (and yes, Tim, I put both of you in the same sentence).

Is it weird that the referee in the Patriots-Colts game last night, rather than explain whatever penalty had been called, turned to the camera and uttered this disclaimer, which I imagine confused most viewers (but not you and me)? “Inclusion in Weekly Reading does not imply an endorsement of the specific views or solutions described on those pages. It’s just food for thought.”

Here’s what we were reading last week, including more post-CES news.

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