Weekly Reading: From ISE, Requiem for Radio Shack, Plus Katy Perry

Just flew into Amsterdam for Integrated Systems Europe and boy are my arms tired. Who wants to bet that this year’s ISE attendance surpasses last year’s, which surpassed all others? I’m polishing off a couple presentations to give this week. On Wednesday, I’m little more than the moderator of a super-smart panel. We’ll be looking into the future of AV, playing word association games (“cloud,” “IoT”) and encouraging audience participation.

Not in Amsterdam this week? Maybe you’ll read about it next (I can pretty much guarantee it). For now…

Nooo! Radio Shack files for bankruptcy, will sell or shutter its 4,000 stores (via PCWorld.com)

And? I’ve always found Radio Shack stores a little off-putting — at least the ones near me. I’d never buy a smartphone there. Nor would I buy a radio-controlled car, which they always seemed to have lots of. BUT, for whatever reason, Radio Shack was always my first stop for some AV cable or adapter or switch I needed. I read around the web for decent coverage of the chain’s collapse. Nothing great, but…

Of Donuts and Diodes: How Radio Shack Lost its Way (via Commercial Integrator)

And? George Tucker from AVNation and WorldStage has the right blend of homage and cautionary tale. He sums up my Radio Shack experience here: “Upon entering a Radio Shack store, one was pounced upon by increasingly aggressive sales folks asking if you were looking for a new phone or carrier. Simply checking out with the purchase of a RF Coax barrel required the verbal equivalent of Jujutsu.” So true…and a shame.

7 Ideas to Steal From Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Halftime Show (via BizBash)

And? Sorry for the tired, annoying “slide show” treatment of the subject. As a former member of the media, I apologize for all the times we enticed you to content, only to make you slog through slide shows so we could collect the page views. But anyway, skip the inflatables and ponder the 3D projection mapping and LED floor tiles. Regarding the Super Bowl, I loved the outcome, Missy Elliot, and the amazing AV effects.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler: This Is How We Will Ensure Net Neutrality (via Wired)

And? Straight from the chairman’s mouth. Now we know a little better why (rightly) he’s big on net neutrality. Had you heard of his failed broadband company? Me neither.

Google is serious about taking on telecom. Here’s why it’ll win. (via The Washington Post)

And? Broadband is too expensive; wireless is too expensive. If Google can help redefine the market so it benefits everyone, that’s great news. And I wouldn’t put it past them. I’m a little skeptical of WiFi calling, however. As “a backup to traditional cell service,” maybe. But how often do you need to make a cell phone call and happen to be near a WiFi hotspot? I think if it’s less than 90 percent of the time, we’re not there yet.

[BONUS!] Little Caesars Mocks All of Modern Tech in One Great Commercial (via Re/code)

And? Because sometimes, it’s fun to laugh at ourselves.

Jet lag makes a person tired. It may take me a full 24 hours to come up with an inspired disclaimer. In the meantime: Inclusion in Weekly Reading does not imply an endorsement of the specific views or solutions described on those pages. It’s just food for thought.

Here’s what we were reading last week. Apparently, references to nudity aren’t the click bait one might expect.


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