Weekly Reading: Vinyl, VR and Self-Driving Cars

Vinyl_450x300Last weekend, I took my sons to get outfitted for their first high school prom. The salesman was full of great quotes. On the merits of a short-size suit: “I’m already short. I don’t want to look shorter. If you’re short and wear a short suit, you look like a Lego man.” (No clear explanation of who, then, should wear a short suit, if not short people.)

In honor of the gentleman who sold us three suits for the price of one (I got one, too), more quotable insights from this week’s reading…

With vinyl sales on the rise, this startup lets anyone press their own LP (via Ars Technica)

And? Ah, nostalgia. Are skills like these waning? What does the next generation of engineers look like? Quotable: “Back when vinyl was the format to listen to music on, great vinyl mastering engineers were extremely sought after, and you can often find their signatures etched into the record around where the label is placed.”

Inside the University of Maryland Dental School’s Video Lecture Program (via EdTech)

And? Quotable: “It is naive to think that students will retain everything they need to know from listening to a lecture just once.” And thank goodness for that. An expertly installed and functioning video lecture program seems like just what the college dean ordered.

USEFUL GADGETS: Three Antennas and a Preamplifier for Cord-Cutters (via HDTVexpert.com)

And? If you’ve attended Pete Putman’s classes at InfoComm (and he”ll be taking part in the day-long Future Trends session on Tuesday, June 16, at InfoComm 2015 in Orlando), you know he likes to break out the gear and demonstrate. Here he speaks to the AV engineer in all of you. Quotable: “It is amazing how little antenna you need to achieve indoor TV reception….Yet, with just a $5 bowtie antenna, I was able to receive eight TV stations reliably.”

The video game you get to run around in (via The Washington Post)

And? Quotable: “There isn’t any way to be able to go out and create the full potential of virtual reality in the home market. It became really apparent to me that we needed to build a facility where people could come to and not have to worry about hooking up virtual reality, making it work and trying to run around inside their house.”  If such places catch on, they’re gonna need good AV.

Google’s self-driving cars have been in 11 accidents, but none were the car’s fault (via The Verge)

And? Just keeping tabs on cutting-edge technology here. Could self-driving cars be too safe? Seems laughable. Quotable: “If you’ve ever had the pleasure to go to, for instance, China, if you’re not aggressive to try to turn left, there will be people that will walk in front of you all day long. And an autonomous vehicle would end up sitting there forever.”

Speaking of famous quotes (and let me know in the Comments section if you can already recite this from memory): “Inclusion in Weekly Reading does not necessarily imply an endorsement of the specific views or solutions described on those pages. It’s just food for thought.”

Here’s what we were reading last week.

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  1. Advancements in technology continue to surprise me! Looking forward to seeing what arrives to the technology scene next. Thanks for sharing.