Read This: Who Invented IoT? Plus Streaming HDR, Crazy-Fast Wi-Fi and More

IOTWood_450x300OK, I’ll say it: The pro AV industry invented the Internet of Things. My blog, my hyperbole. But really, folks like you were hanging AV devices off the network before the phrase was even coined. Sure, pro AV wasn’t so presumptuous as to call it IoT, and maybe took a little snooze on the IoT as it was taking hold in the public imagination, but now’s the time to seize on IoT momentum. If you don’t have one yet on staff, it’s time to hire or train up a data expert or two. No surprise, IoT devices generate a boatload of data. The companies that figure out what to do with that data win big. Oh, and in the IoT, devices at the edge of the network will need to get a lot smarter and more analytical — they can’t always send data back somewhere in order to figure out the best thing to do next. What are some IoT devices at the edge? AV devices.

InfoComm has an IoT primer to download. And an IoT conference to attend.

And the Interwebs has a ton of reading on IoT…

Insecurity of Things: The IoT devices you deploy may be Trojan horses (via VentureBeat)

And? Google “IoT” and “security” and consider almost everything you find required reading. Much of this you’ve probably read somewhere before, but the discovery of malware on law-enforcement body cameras was new to me. Plus, the writer offers five tips (#4 = “compartmentalize traffic”).

Netflix is now streaming in HDR/Dolby Vision (via FlatpanelsHD)

And? Don’t look. Guess how much bandwidth you’ll need for the full experience. DON’T LOOK! Aw, c’mon.

Facebook is Testing a Super-Speed Public Wi-Fi System (via MIT Technology Review)

And? Wireless at 1 gig (using WiGig)? Yes, please. “Facebook wants to blanket urban areas with WiGig signals from equipment mounted to light poles and other street furniture.” Street furniture?

US cinema chain AMC makes U-turn over texting (via BBC News)

And? If you blinked, you missed this story flare up and die down. I humbly thank AMC theaters for short-circuiting the opportunity for me to show may age at the movies. (“Hey you kids, turn off those smarty phones!”) Engadget has the AMC memo.

Livestream’s Mevo camera lets you edit video on the fly (via the aforementioned Engadget)

And? Sometimes, gadgets are so cool it’s easy to forget that great software is, well, great. “By default, the app shows what the camera sees; by tapping and pinching on the screen you can edit the video feed.” During the live video feed! In the hands of creative pros, this system could be, well, great.

Take A Seat And Enjoy These Photos Of The World’s Best Toilets (via Fast Company)

And? Wanted to see if you were paying attention. Nice, tasteful pictures, though.

Inclusion in Read This does not necessarily imply an endorsement of the specific views or solutions described on those pages, nor does it mean any named futurists are always right about the future. It’s just food for thought.

You’ve read this, now read that.

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