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What if IBM’s Right?

Is there a scenario in which IBM’s reported decision to ask remote employees to work in offices again is a good idea? More pointedly, is there a scenario in which the decision might be good news for the pro-AV industry? Let me be the first (maybe) to admit I have no idea how IBM’s current […]

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AV Pros Have A Mostly Sunny Outlook

Every month, we’ve begun asking a panel of AV professionals to tell us about business conditions, including sales and employment trends. And we ask them to describe issues facing their businesses. The result of the former is InfoComm’s new Pro-AV Business Index; the latter comes together in the AV Index Sentiment Cloud: a graphical collection […]

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Another Way of Experiencing Star Trek

I’m not a Trekkie. I watched Star Trek a little when I was very young, but that’s about it. It’s weird, though, because Star Trek is such a cultural phenomenon, how much you get to know — or think you get to know — about the show just by hearing other people talk about it all […]

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Bert Jacobs_AVEC16

For the Love of the Job

Bert Jacobs, Co-Founder/Chief Executive Optimist of the Life is Good Company, addressed InfoComm’s fourth annual AV Executive Conference in November. Among his messages was one that many audiovisual professionals understand well.

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The Backbone Of An Industry

The possible erosion of the traditional commercial AV channel may have been overstated. In some circles, there was speculation that the consumerization of technology and Big Box-ification of AV distribution might lead to customers cutting out trained, knowledgeable AV middlemen and buying their systems directly from manufacturers or retailers. In truth, there’s little hard evidence […]

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