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3 Reasons Why InfoComm Is Like the Family Reunion of the Industry

As we start to plan for InfoComm 2017 in June, I was struck by how the show has become the family reunion of our industry. Here are three reasons why 1.  It is the “don’t miss” event of the summer If you are in the AV industry, you start each year by putting InfoComm on […]

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Digital Signage

A Brand’s Best Friend: 3 Ways Digital Signage is Like Your Favorite Pet

There is nothing like the unconditional love of a beloved pet.  According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, 36.5% of American households have dogs and 30.4% have cats.  Why do so many people have pets?  The same reasons that brands should be considering digital signage. They greet you at the door Pets are always happy […]

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Return on Intention

In the AV industry, we love to talk about return on investment. Taking the acquisition costs or the total cost of ownership and comparing it with the success metrics of our customers to justify the project. And often these conversations lead to customers feeling like the investment is too great for the payback, especially when […]

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What Our Dysfunctional Relationship with our Mobile Devices Teaches us About Decision Making

Jared Ficklin from Argodesign spoke at a recent conference and likened cell phones to our babies.  We cradle them.  We speak to them.  We buy little clothes for them.  We feed them.  And we are surprised when they testify against us. And he went on to describe two effects of having the world’s knowledge in […]

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What Do Integrators Need to Know about HDMI 2.0?

For starters: Not all HDMI 2.0 devices are created equal. I had a chance to connect recently with Marques Girardelli, manager of electronics platforms at Planar and Leyard, for a discussion on connectivity trends. We started with the basics: HDMI and the newest standard, HDMI 2.0. The HDMI 2.0 specification was released in 2013 and […]

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