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Collaboration Technology: What You Need To Know To Get It Right

Collaboration is an essential function of any successful business. Having the ability to communicate ideas effectively and efficiently across an office or across the globe gives companies a competitive edge in the marketplace. With the use of collaboration technology, communication can now be streamlined through mobile devices and traditional desktops.

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Women of InfoComm Network at a Local Level

Building a successful network requires a commitment from every member to take action and proactively help build a supportive community.  Each one of us can do this at a local level.  Reconnecting once or twice a year at industry shows is great, but it does not build strong community. The mission of the Women of […]

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Another Way of Experiencing Star Trek

I’m not a Trekkie. I watched Star Trek a little when I was very young, but that’s about it. It’s weird, though, because Star Trek is such a cultural phenomenon, how much you get to know — or think you get to know — about the show just by hearing other people talk about it all […]

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The Backbone Of An Industry

The possible erosion of the traditional commercial AV channel may have been overstated. In some circles, there was speculation that the consumerization of technology and Big Box-ification of AV distribution might lead to customers cutting out trained, knowledgeable AV middlemen and buying their systems directly from manufacturers or retailers. In truth, there’s little hard evidence […]

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What Our Dysfunctional Relationship with our Mobile Devices Teaches us About Decision Making

Jared Ficklin from Argodesign spoke at a recent conference and likened cell phones to our babies.  We cradle them.  We speak to them.  We buy little clothes for them.  We feed them.  And we are surprised when they testify against us. And he went on to describe two effects of having the world’s knowledge in […]

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