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How Engaging an Independent Programmer May Help Your Technology Teams Tackle Challenging Project Deadlines

End of summer is quickly approaching, which means so are those big, annual project deadlines. Whether in the education or corporate sector, the day after Labor Day tends to be the “go live” date for many AV-centric projects. And while the last few weeks leading up to any project can be hectic, large-scale AV projects […]

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6 Simple Solutions to Improve Meeting Room Acoustics

When you hear the term acoustics, perhaps your favorite music venue or movie theater comes to mind. But acoustics are important in other spaces where you spend a lot of time as well—namely your company’s meeting rooms.

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The Power of Data in Brand Storytelling

Most often a request for an experiential space is tied to an important objective: help us to tell our story in a meaningful way. For many organizations that story is tied to, or can be supercharged through, the use of data that’s collected through everyday business activities.

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Can You Hear It Now? Our First Audio Standard Gets A Facelift

Recently, InfoComm released g a new version of a standard that was written to help you maximize the performance of a sound system. The standard provides a way to measure an audio system for uniform coverage and classify its performance.

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What if IBM’s Right?

Is there a scenario in which IBM’s reported decision to ask remote employees to work in offices again is a good idea? More pointedly, is there a scenario in which the decision might be good news for the pro-AV industry? Let me be the first (maybe) to admit I have no idea how IBM’s current […]

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