Archive | March, 2013

3 Reasons You Should BIM

BIM, the acronym for building information modeling, is transforming the architecture and design world. It is quickly becoming the standard for conceptualization, client presentation, and building engineering and construction.  So, why is the AV community so far behind in embracing these trends and supporting 3D models? BIM is a process of creating and managing build […]

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Project Admin Support: Overhead or Force Multiplier?

Before anyone thinks I’m denigrating the importance of the administrative support function at an AV company, please read this entire post. I’ve worked with hundreds of firms and trained thousands of project managers, and I often see the project manager’s role full up with administrative tasks. These are in addition to (and sometimes instead of) important project management […]

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Hiring the Wrong People Can Be Costly

I just left a gathering with a group called CEObuilders, where I was invited as a guest. I felt privileged to have been invited and found both the meeting and the topic quite interesting. The session focused on hiring the right people and developing successful teams within your organization. First, we needed to understand the “why” of […]

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