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Live Sound: The Crazy Significant Other of the AV World

We’ve all had the experience or heard the stories from a friend regarding that significant other who seems impossible to please, changes moods on a whim, completely breaks down at a time when everything seemed fine, but simultaneously can bring moments of joy, emotion, and elation that are completely incomparable to anything else in the […]

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Conf Call In Real Life Cap

The State of Enterprise Collaboration — The Joke’s On Us

When you think of great comedy, many things come to mind (depending upon your age).  It might be Monty Python’s Dead Parrot Sketch or Abbot and Costello’s Who’s On First.  It might go back as far as the genius of Sid Caesar or be as recent as sketches from Saturday Night Live. In all of those […]

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AV-as-a-Service in the Cloud? Why, Yes!

As-a-Service is a popular token used for a myriad of provisions offered in the cloud today. Thus, you have Software-as-a-Service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Database-as-a-Service, Workout-as-a-Service… Well, maybe not that last one. With so many services available for sharing across platforms, AV naturally lends itself for such provision. Cloud services have been around for quite a while in […]

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“Please, Sir, May I Buy Your Product Without Seeing It?” Said No One Ever.

I’m having a hard time understanding some vendors these days. A number of them don’t seem very preoccupied with the idea of actually selling anything. The latest drama I’m dealing with is a company that doesn’t seem to want to bother doing demos of their products. Now that a lot of AV gear has become […]

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Built to Last

When designers and architects approach a new environment to design, they think long-term.  Buildings are expected to stand the test of time, and interiors are expected to last for decades.  Iconic properties, like public and institutional buildings, do not change frequently so they must be designed for the long-term and built to last. This is […]

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