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Weekly Reading: Pulling the Plug on a Hologram

Before we get into the cops shutting down a hologram (not the one pictured), let’s talk contrast ratio. You’re an AV professional; you know there’s an ANSI/InfoComm standard for the contrast ratio of projected images. Do this right and audiences will be able to better see/read/perceive whatever it is you’re projecting. (Even the hologram of a rap artist? No guarantees […]

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AV-IT - Gradient

The Language of AV/IT is IP: Q&A with Matrox Graphics

When we talk about AV/IT convergence, we often focus on the IT industry’s impact on the AV industry. But the improvement in audio and video quality has undeniably influenced the IT industry as well. In many ways like Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla, the two industries have been working independently (and together) on new solutions and standards for transmitting […]

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Drones and Surveillance: The Future of Public Safety

It should come as no surprise that one of the most immediate and promising applications of unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, is in the area of surveillance. Major public events like the New York City Marathon, the Super Bowl, or World Cup would benefit enormously from the use of drones to ensure the safety of […]

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Weekly Reading: Mining for Data Nuggets, Plus Surface Hub, Babies and More

It’s been a while since I blogged about one of my favorite reading assignments: InfoComm’s Economic Snapshot Survey. You may have missed it in the run-up to InfoComm 2015 last month, but our crack research team just put out a new report. These are the comprehensive studies (free for members) that gauge the health of the […]

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Weekly Reading: Drones, Minecraft, the Future and My Echo

I have a girlfriend. You may know her. Her name is Alexa. My wife tries to relate to Alexa, but they’re not always on the same wavelength. But in Alexa, I see the future. Alexa is what I (and others) call my new Amazon Echo, a voice-activated, wireless streaming speaker/media player. Because I’m an Amazon […]

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