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Soda-Cracker Videoconferencing

Extend your arm from wherever you’re seated right now and touch the display showing you these words. Can you reach it? If the answer is yes then you’ve just validated that you are at the correct distance to use a fixed focal length (non-zooming) webcam for videoconferencing. If the answer is no, you need a […]

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Can You Read it Now?

Everybody’s been through it: You go to a conference and you end up at the back of the room and can’t see what’s on the slides. It happens so often in our day-to-day lives that we’ve just gotten used to it. But that doesn’t make it right.

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What Our Dysfunctional Relationship with our Mobile Devices Teaches us About Decision Making

Jared Ficklin from Argodesign spoke at a recent conference and likened cell phones to our babies.  We cradle them.  We speak to them.  We buy little clothes for them.  We feed them.  And we are surprised when they testify against us. And he went on to describe two effects of having the world’s knowledge in […]

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What I’ve Learned From 30 Days of Videoconferencing

I recently joined a company where the majority of meetings are video conferences. Sure, I’ve used video conferencing at other jobs before but it was usually reserved for special occasions – executive interactions, important customer meetings, etc – and the video conferencing facility was usually a hard to book room on the executive floor.

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