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4K or Not 4K: What Does It All Mean?

The transition to 4K (or more specifically, media content and displays with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels, a/k/a Ultra HD) is happening with incredible speed. Consider that the first 4K LCD display sold in the United States was an 84−inch monster, manufactured by LG Display and private−labeled by Sony, LG, JVC, and Toshiba, and it […]

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AV strategy

Making AV a Strategic Advantage

In my current role, I am tasked to spend time working with global end-user clients. It’s been great to connect and talk with them in an effort to better understand their challenges with AV. Many of these global clients have learned that removing as many technology variables as possible gets them closer to delivering a […]

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Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology

New Computer Technology Course Converges AV and IT

As industry partner Joel Jacobs, VP and CIO of MITRE Corporation describes it, AV will play an integral role in business as a whole to the extent that video will become as ubiquitous as email. To help our students gain a competitive edge in this growing industry, we created an Introduction to Networked AV Technology […]

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