Archive | December, 2016

Building A Bigger Table

The success of the Women of InfoComm Network has given the association the confidence to create programmatic homes for other groups that are underrepresented at InfoComm. InfoComm recently launched the Young AV Professionals Council, with more than 200 members around the world.

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The Backbone Of An Industry

The possible erosion of the traditional commercial AV channel may have been overstated. In some circles, there was speculation that the consumerization of technology and Big Box-ification of AV distribution might lead to customers cutting out trained, knowledgeable AV middlemen and buying their systems directly from manufacturers or retailers. In truth, there‚Äôs little hard evidence […]

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Return on Intention

In the AV industry, we love to talk about return on investment. Taking the acquisition costs or the total cost of ownership and comparing it with the success metrics of our customers to justify the project. And often these conversations lead to customers feeling like the investment is too great for the payback, especially when […]

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