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Microcredentials Are Here

In the April 2016 issue of Sound & Communications, I told you about a new program in the works at InfoComm International: microcredentialing. I’m happy to say, microcredentials have arrived!

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Going Beyond 4K

While our industry is scrambling to keep up with the emergence of 4K and Ultra HD displays, there’s an even bigger tidal wave headed our way.

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InfoComm Speaker

You’re No Expert…Are You?

At the end of this blog post, I’m going to ask you to do something. It might sound hard, or unpleasant, or stressful. Do it anyway. You’ll thank me later. As Expositions Content Directorfor InfoComm, I’m broadly in charge of people talking at the InfoComm trade show. Have you ever been to one of our […]

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6 Simple Solutions to Improve Meeting Room Acoustics

When you hear the term acoustics, perhaps your favorite music venue or movie theater comes to mind. But acoustics are important in other spaces where you spend a lot of time as well—namely your company’s meeting rooms.

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AVplusIT Standards

Bringing AV Standardization to IT Departments

The challenges of meeting room and videoconferencing technology are increasingly falling into the laps of IT departments. It can be daunting work, especially when long-term plans are on the table. When someone makes the decision to invest in meeting room technology, the fear is as soon as it is installed it’s going to be outdated. […]

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