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Weekly Reading: Get in Touch With Your Feelings

“Hey, Brad, where have you been?” “I’ve been around, traveling a bit, a little extra busy. Some big projects coming to a head at the end of the year. You?” “I’ve been sitting at my computer ’round-the-clock waiting for the next installment of Weekly Reading.” “Sorry about the delay. Not to change the subject, but did […]

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Workspaces for Tomorrow

Change in business and culture is happening at the fastest pace ever. It is all around us, with new processes not just improving the old ones but completely replacing them. Digital downloads replaced record/CD stores, search engines replaced phone books, apps are quickly replacing the traditional taxi and hotel industries, and the way we work […]

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InfoComm 2013 Preview: Disruptions in Videoconferencing

As I write this, there are just a few weeks to go before InfoComm 2013  in Orlando. The conference is a great opportunity to become educated, network with industry peers and see the latest in AV, collaboration and multimedia technology. This year however, there will be a unique opportunity to see a number of disruptive […]

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