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Analogy Alert! Don’t Do This

Do perform a proper needs assessment prior to embarking on an AV project. Don’t sell the client a solution that you know doesn’t meet those needs — or a solution that it just plain less-than-good. If you don’t have the right solution in your arsenal, you don’t have the right solution in your arsenal. Putting in […]

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The Scary Side of Pro AV

As we enter October, my absolute favorite holiday comes with it — Halloween (witness my own family decorations). Did you know there are more than 1,200 professional haunted attractions in the U.S., and another 300+ amusement parks that convert to haunted attractions for Halloween? On top of that, more than 3,000 not-for-profit and charity organizations produce […]

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BIM: Able? Ready? Willing?

As we ease our way into the world of BIM (building information modeling) and alternative ways of designing buildings and projects, one of the questions you’ll hear will be, “Who owns the model?” In the old days, the facility design was “owned” by the design team, from before programming until the building was signed off on […]

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