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Mobility, Video, and the ‘Zees’

Late last year I authored and edited an article on the topic of mobile video technology [PDF]. I made the point that none of us plans to go around holding our smartphone at arm’s length while riding the bus. The exact quote was, “We all pictured how ridiculous it would be with everyone on a […]

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The Videoconferencing Game is Changing

As one of the key themes of InfoComm 2012 (and of our industry, too, for that matter), the education session titled “Why Interoperability is a Game Changer for Video” should have been standing-room only. In fact, there were maybe 20 to 25 attendees in the session,  which was surprising given the compelling title. These days, […]

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Cloud AV: So it Begins

You’ve heard a lot of “cloud this” and “cloud that.” How about the Apple commercials (and others) that tout to average consumers the benefits of keeping their stuff in “the cloud” without ever feeling the need to explain exactly what “the cloud” is? (Admittedly, Apple’s done about the best job of positioning the cloud to consumers […]

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