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Re-engaging in Sustainability Through Disruption

Now that InfoComm 2013 is over and done with, and I’ve had a chance to think about what I saw, my main takeaway was how exhibitors and attendees have, for the most part (certainly not everybody), pushed the sustainability conversation to the rear. Has our industry reached a point of sustainability fatigue? Or has it become so […]

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Is Your AV Team Missing its Handoffs?

In my experience managing projects — and in with working with companies that are also attempting to manage projects — a key determinant of success or failure is the handoff between an AV company’s roles and functions. In small companies, where each person is performing multiple functions, there are few handoffs, and less of a […]

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Doing Business in 2012

“How’s business?” This is a question I’m used to receiving regularly. I reply honestly, which is that business is there; however it’s a lot more work to earn the business than it used to be.  I am finding that I call and email and my outreach goes unanswered.  Those that know me know that I […]

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