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Growing An Industry Into A Market

I was recently at the Stampede Vendor Summit in Buffalo, NY, and came across a familiar character. He was (oddly) all black-and-white, slouching low in a leather armchair, sunglasses on, facing a stereo system and being blown away. You’ve seen him: tie flying back, lampshade tipping, cocktail glass falling over. It’s the Maxell guy, from […]

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Doing Business in 2012

“How’s business?” This is a question I’m used to receiving regularly. I reply honestly, which is that business is there; however it’s a lot more work to earn the business than it used to be.  I am finding that I call and email and my outreach goes unanswered.  Those that know me know that I […]

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Four (Not So Simple) Ways to Grow Your Business

Fourth quarter is often a time of reflection. It is a time to focus on strategy for the coming year, while trying to end the current period strong. Questions that may be top-of-mind include: Are you planning to expand your business? Do you know where to start in your strategy planning? Are you weighing between investments in […]

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