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Do You Fear What I Fear?

Washington can be a strange place. It’s the only town where a Christmas tree is not a lovely holiday centerpiece, but instead a bloated appropriations bill filled with funding for pet projects. Pork isn’t the main dish, and bringing home the bacon usually results in you and me footing the bill for something we never […]

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Legislative Chicken: Sequestration and the Fiscal Cliff Explained

Like a cartoon character followed by a persistent black cloud, the Washington, D.C., area (along with other cities and towns reliant on federal or military spending) is under the threat of sequestration, set to dive off a “fiscal cliff.” The terms have been bandied about in presidential debates and editorial pages, but what exactly is […]

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Reflections on Congress

Twenty-five years ago this week, I suited up for my first job in Washington, D.C., a position with the United States Senate. I was only seventeen years old (please stop doing the math), a freshman in college and extremely nervous about my assignment, which was running a Senator’s mail room. I was to play a […]

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