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Not Green Enough for You? Not My Fault

With the election behind us, let’s talk about something else for a minute, like this lingering question in the green energy movement about what’s really behind a lack of change in user behavior. The current administration has laid out clear—albeit contentious and heavily debated—green policies toward energy consumption, production, and conservation. (Many of these initiatives could […]

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Who Will Design, Program and Install the Green Button?

The White House wants a “Green Button” for every citizen. Maybe not the White House per se, but the chief technology officer of the U.S. does. What does the government’s proposed Green Button do? Well, simply press the (big?) Green Button and you can get your energy usage information. Sounds like smart building technology to me. And I think the AV […]

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Regulation Alert: How California Intends to Save $306M in Energy Costs

The State of California intends to regulate “vampire” chargers by requiring manufacturers to ship efficient chargers with their products, potentially saving $306 million in energy costs and cutting power usage by up to 13 percent. Said vampire charges are those ones that continuously draw energy when plugged in, even if there isn’t a device attached […]

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