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Another Way of Experiencing Star Trek

I’m not a Trekkie. I watched Star Trek a little when I was very young, but that’s about it. It’s weird, though, because Star Trek is such a cultural phenomenon, how much you get to know — or think you get to know — about the show just by hearing other people talk about it all […]

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Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology

New Computer Technology Course Converges AV and IT

As industry partner Joel Jacobs, VP and CIO of MITRE Corporation describes it, AV will play an integral role in business as a whole to the extent that video will become as ubiquitous as email. To help our students gain a competitive edge in this growing industry, we created an Introduction to Networked AV Technology […]

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First in Line for InfoComm 2016

InfoComm 2016 lands in Las Vegas this June 4-10 and registration is officially open. Tom Zimmerman, design engineer for BT Conferencing, didn’t waste any time. He was the very first to sign up for the big show. Tom is a long-time InfoComm attendee, first coming to the show in 1993. He says InfoComm has definitely […]

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Weekly Reading: Facing Up to Stingrays, Plus Gestures and IoT

Before we read, let’s listen. And not to a book on tape (do they make those anymore)? For you NPR listeners and car enthusiasts, InfoComm has its own “Click and Clack“. For everyone else, it’s two AV guys talkin’ AV. If you’ve taken one of InfoComm’s design or installation classes recently, you may have met Chuck Espinoza, […]

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Back to School with Digital Signage

I love back-to-school. Not just as a parent of young kids (who demonstrate their genius of getting on each other’s nerves over the long summer months), but because I adore school supplies — that feeling generated by unblemished folders and paint sets, crispy packs of paper and a wonderful new collection of pens. And new technologies […]

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