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Santa’s Other Elves…On Campus

It’s a staple story of the evening news or NPR at Christmas time: people who have to work during the holidays. Usually it will highlight public safety personnel — police and fire, maybe hospital workers. Often it will include retail workers in gas stations and convenience stores, helping to make sure the throngs of holiday […]

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Integration Angst in Higher Ed

I used to joke that every time two higher education technology managers met, we talked about the same two things: the control systems and video projectors we used. Over the last couple years, however, our conversations have broadened. We discuss our control systems, our projectors — and how badly some integrator screwed up our latest […]

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The Wacky World of AV in Higher Education

Greetings from UCLA. This is my first blog entry here at All Voices (I’d also been blogging over at AV-1.org, a great reference for higher ed folks), so I thought I would talk a bit about AV in higher education and my corner of the world. It’s certainly been an interesting time to be in […]

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