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InfoComm 2016

Evolution of the InfoComm Show

As I write this, the InfoComm show management staff, industry speakers and volunteers are diligently putting together the final touches for this year’s mega celebration of the audiovisual industry: InfoComm 2017.

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interactive display

Touch and Collaborate: The Interactive Display Comes of Age (Part 1)

The story of interactive displays is a tale of two births and two lifecycles. The first “touch-capable” large displays were born around 1991 when David Martin and Nancy Knowlton released their first Smart Board. The second birth event can be tracked to 2007, when Steve Jobs and Apple released the first iPhone.

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Soda-Cracker Videoconferencing

Extend your arm from wherever you’re seated right now and touch the display showing you these words. Can you reach it? If the answer is yes then you’ve just validated that you are at the correct distance to use a fixed focal length (non-zooming) webcam for videoconferencing. If the answer is no, you need a […]

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[VIDEO] Everything InfoComm, IMCCA and UCC

Before we all head out to this year’s InfoComm 2015 in Orlando, it probably won’t hurt to take a look at  a little video I recorded on behalf of IMCCA. (The IMCCA has been hard at work with InfoComm to present all things unified communications and collaboration  at the UCC Solutions Summit — a part […]

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The Electronic Water Cooler — Or Why Google and Yahoo are Wrong

Waking up on a Sunday morning I find myself (again) reading another on-line article that (again) states why telecommuting is a mixed blessing. Yes, it states, the economic, productivity and environmental gains of smarter working and working from wherever you happen to be are now finally indisputable, but however, it goes on to quote so many […]

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