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Touch and Collaborate: The Interactive Display Comes Of Age (Part 2)

In order to understand what is happening in the IWB space toda,y one only has to go back about ten years to see what happened with Immersive Telepresence. The parallels are astonishing.

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“Please, Sir, May I Buy Your Product Without Seeing It?” Said No One Ever.

I’m having a hard time understanding some vendors these days. A number of them don’t seem very preoccupied with the idea of actually selling anything. The latest drama I’m dealing with is a company that doesn’t seem to want to bother doing demos of their products. Now that a lot of AV gear has become […]

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Multitouch: How Many Touch Points Do You Need?

You’re seeing a lot of them at tradeshows these days. They’re even showing up in some hotel lobbies and elsewhere. They’re large-format multitouch displays and videowalls. Recently I sat down with John Dixon, a product manager here at Planar Systems, for some insight into the trends surrounding large touchscreen displays. Me:  We’re seeing more adoption of […]

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