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Digital Signage: Why and How to Create a Content Strategy

Digital signage In conjunction with the internet of things (IoT) can arm companies with the power to build brand awareness and promote their products and services. However, for organizations to get the most benefit from their digital signage and IoT campaigns, there must be an effective content strategy.

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Internet of things

An Internet of Things That Helps Companies

With the AV/IT “convergence” well behind the industry at this point, we are on to the next buzzword: “IoT,” otherwise known as the Internet of Things. So where does programming fit into IoT?

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The Thing About Things

You could argue that AV professionals were there at the dawn of the Internet of Things (IoT). To hear it told, the phrase used to describe a bunch of networked objects, devices, and sensors, was first coined around 1999. But it was about two years earlier, just as one example, that Crestron used Ethernet to […]

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Read This: Who Invented IoT? Plus Streaming HDR, Crazy-Fast Wi-Fi and More

OK, I’ll say it: The pro AV industry invented the Internet of Things. My blog, my hyperbole. But really, folks like you were hanging AV devices off the network before the phrase was even coined. Sure, pro AV wasn’t so presumptuous as to call it IoT, and maybe took a little snooze on the IoT […]

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Weekly Reading: More Cars, Plus IoT, VR, HDR and Higher Ed

When I look for analogies to better explain how AV technology has evolved (will evolve) in homes, businesses and more, I often look to the car industry. Not long ago, cars were as dumb as the average family room. But all that has changed (and not always for the better — think hackers and open, […]

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