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Hurray for the Big Green Apple

This year’s Excellence in Environmental Planning goes to… New York City’s Planning Department! The American Planning Association recently honored the Big Apple and its Zone Green Initiative, which dramatically changed the city’s zoning regulations to foster green building practices. The award honors initiatives that create environmentally-friendly communities, improvements in environmental quality, and reductions in the […]

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Green Building Under the Microscope

The U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED rating system is among the most prominent of its type. In a roundabout way, it contributed to the formation of the Sustainable Technology Environments Program (STEP), a green rating system for AV and other installed systems, developed by InfoComm International. But LEED has not been without its detractors, and […]

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Sustainability Tidbits

Writing about sustainability can become tedious and repetitive, rather than enlightening and supportive. We need less evangelizing and more doing. But it’s early in the battle, so often I find myself being boring and preachy. This blog post is an attempt not to fall down that hole by offering “sound bites” about sustainability that I’ve recently encountered. For ease […]

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