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How Engaging an Independent Programmer May Help Your Technology Teams Tackle Challenging Project Deadlines

End of summer is quickly approaching, which means so are those big, annual project deadlines. Whether in the education or corporate sector, the day after Labor Day tends to be the “go live” date for many AV-centric projects. And while the last few weeks leading up to any project can be hectic, large-scale AV projects […]

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What is the True Value of an AV Programmer?

With the rise of “no programming required” solutions, the term “programming” is becoming a bad word. In the AV world, programming has become associated with the notion of being complex, problematic, costly, and time consuming. The perception of it being difficult to implement and manage has also started to surface. While some of these may […]

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Programmed vs. Configured Solutions: Which Approach is Best?

Configured or programmed – that is the question. AV control system programming is still a highly-valued offering with clear advantages, but its future is becoming more ambiguous as the industry’s understanding, needs, and expectations evolve. Many are gravitating to “off the shelf” or “configured” solutions that do not require the perceived challenges of implementation, time […]

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