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6 Ways to Better Utilize LinkedIn Right Now

As we all do, I recently found myself networking at an industry event. To my surprise, one of the people I was chatting with commented that he knew me, because of my LinkedIn activity. He also mentioned that it was nice to see regular updates that focused on more things than just “getting a job.” […]

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Success Comes from Interaction, Not Units

How many times have you had a conversation about the instant gratification society that we currently live in?  We talk about the speed of information and the speed of business having accelerated to the ‘nth degree with all the new communication methods.  Sure, you can read up on how technology can decrease costs and improve […]

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Being Social, Electronically

As I head into my office I see my colleague Scott and ask him how his kids liked the hockey game last night.  He replies that they had a terrific time. It was a special promotion night at the arena and his kids got to talk and take pictures with the team. The picture of […]

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