Have You Started Writing Your Prospect Letters?

If I were you, I’d be writing a letter like this to every one of my prospects this week. Maybe it’d be a bit less wordy by the time it went out but it’d definitely be going out. Just saying …

Reflections on China

I just returned from InfoComm China 2015. What an exciting experience! I’m always impressed by the grandeur of the ancient society juxtaposed over the amazing energy, can-do attitude and raw entrepreneurial spirit that permeates virtually every conversation that I have when in that country.

Read to Lead

I love to read. In fact, I maintain what I admitted long ago would be a perpetual reading list. Perpetual, because no matter how much I read, there are more books added to it each month than I can get through.

Chili, Controversy, Civility and Other C-words That Matter…

Much to their chagrin, it seems that I often turn to stories about my (somewhat private) family members when I reflect and write these entries. I think it is because I so desperately don’t want to sound as though I’m pontificating when I latch on to an issue that drives me to pull up a […]