Read to Lead

I love to read. In fact, I maintain what I admitted long ago would be a perpetual reading list. Perpetual, because no matter how much I read, there are more books added to it each month than I can get through.

Chili, Controversy, Civility and Other C-words That Matter…

Much to their chagrin, it seems that I often turn to stories about my (somewhat private) family members when I reflect and write these entries. I think it is because I so desperately don’t want to sound as though I’m pontificating when I latch on to an issue that drives me to pull up a […]

In 2015, Make Decisions and Accept Consequences

I talked with my 21-year old son yesterday while I was on the way home from the airport. We got to talking about making decisions — the costs and the benefits. Of course, that’s my perspective of the conversation, as a “wise and all-knowing” Baby Boomer father. I’m sure his perspective, as a brilliant and […]

Time is the New Money. Spend it Wisely.

Next week marks the start of the 12th Integrated Systems Europe show in Amsterdam. Did you know that this show actually started in Geneva, Switzerland and had less than 3,500 attendees? And that if it weren’t for the aggressive support of many of our early exhibitors, this show probably wouldn’t exist today? Did you know […]